Meredith Owen










The mill co project, Gaunson House, 3 Markfiel Road, London. N15 4QQ

4th December 2015 preview - 5pm - 11pm until the end of January.


This exhibition draws upon the long drawn attraction and interest I have in nature and how we, as humans, interact with our natural environment in this world. I find the way we manage nature, how we view natures roll in ‘our’ world fascinating. We seem to battle against the ‘wild side’ but also use information that creatures and the environment provide for our own benefits. I find observing humans with and against nature such a fascinating subject and hugely influential in my thought process and my work.





69 Camden High Street, London.

Thursday 23rd April - 7th May 2015

A collaberative exhibition with Artist Jamie Lomax. Featuring oil paintings on wooden panel and original mono prints.







Sadler's House ,180 Lower Richmond Road, London SW15 1LY.

23rd - 26th October 2014

Jamm Gallery are showing my work at the Affordable Art Fair in space F6 where my hand illustrated globe will be on display along side the original art works; 'Form to Field', Streak to Snarl' and 'loam for Lupus'.



159 Camden Highstreet, London.

22nd september - 6th october 2014

I recently had another opportunity to show at the camden collective for two weeks at the end of september. 






12 high street, lavenham, suffolk. CO10 9PR

6th April 2014 - on going


I currently have some prints for sale at the Lion House Gallery in Lavenham. A wonderful gallery full of beautiful original paintings, prints, ceramics and books. 





 The Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, London. E8 3DL

21st February - 3rd March 2014

Printhouse Gallery are proud to present London's first bi-annual international illustration exhibition this February. 
In a world of continuous movement, flying cycles of globes, spins of laundry, and generations of adobe, this inertia is often intimidating. With a desire to travel and a network of webs that will travel for us, with us, and against, it can be hard for many of us to come together and learn about other cities and the way they present their artistic discipline. 
We live in an information overload, scrolling the blog stacks and lines of instas. February's exhibition brings you a cut of the cut, and helps us to understand illustration, forming a solid platform for international illustrators to show us the possibilities of pen and pencil. In Drawn Together's first instalment we see 6 emerging and established illustrators representing their work and pushing boundaries of traditional exhibitions. To come is a promotional short film and a global soundtrack from NTS radio's Mamiko Motto. The show has been curated by Tilly Stasiuk and Ruth Hanahoe.
This unique show is a key international event for illustration art and features over 30 original works from 6 artists. Named exhibitors include, Victoria Sin, Hvass & Hannibal, Connie Lim, Dan Jamieson, Meredith Owen and Benjamin Phillips.  






food for thought exhibition illustration of trans-siberian rail



159 Camden High street, London.

16th January - 30th January 2014

I have taken a space at 'The Collective' a charity run enitiative that supports creative people and allows them the space to find their feet and showcase their products. I am selling editioned prints, cards and my hand made rucksacks every day for two weeks.


31 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9PR

27th Sep 2013 – on going

The popular vegetarian restaurant 'Food For Thought' is now showing an exhibition of work featuring illustrations inspired by the journey I took across Siberia by train in may this year.

The trans-siberian rail carried me for five days from moscow, in Russia to Ulan-Bator, in Mongolia.

The striking silver birch trees whistled past my window, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. After three and half days on board i stopped in Irkutsk situated sixty kilometeres away from Lake Baikal. Baikal is the largest fresh water lake in the world and it is truly beautiful. I stayed in a little town right on the shores, named Listvyanka. It is a sleepy town who’s resident’s have built houses from the wood provided by the abundant forests that surround the lakes shores. The houses reminded me of a time forgotten, carved shutters concealed lacey curtains and the wooden exteriors seemed to tell the story of the harsh winters and the hot summers as well as any local could. these houses and silver birch forests, and the sparse woodlands of mongolia, seen through the trans-siberian carriage window stirred a feeling of nostalgia in a place unknown to me. These places felt wonderous to experience, to see and to draw. 


Meredith Owen's Vagabond Coffee Shop Exhibition



Meredith Owen Globes Exhibition Royal Geographical Society

Unit 20, Stroud Green Rd, London, N4 3SG

12th Sep 2013 – Finished.

The highly regarded Vagabond Coffee Shop is host to my latest exhibition of illustrations. A selection of drawings, from British animals to figurative ink and watercolour prints are dotted around this cosy cafe.



1 Kensington Gore, London. SW7 2AR

29th September - 12th October 2012

Between 2011 and 2013 I worked as the resident artist for an company named Bellerby & co. We work making hand made, customised globes; from the traditional techniques using plaster and making the stands from oak, to the our more modern designs using fibreglass for the larger globes that reach up to 5 ft in height. I have designed my own globe for the company and for an exhibition we held at the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington, London. I applied pen and ink in a fine line illustration style, inspired by the likes of william morris etc. With this particular piece I was interested in working to create the effects of etching using a modern approach with old fashioned context; incorporating sea creatures, believed to have existed in the past, as I endeavoured to create the feeling of the dark unknown that the victorians and such like felt about the oceans of their world.   

"From the painstaking ocean detail of the special edition ‘Creatures from the depths’ model illustrated by Meredith Owen, to the classic olive hues of the Perano Terrestrial in its reclaimed oak stand with aged brass meridian, to the beautifully rendered astrological and astronomical representations of the Perano Celestial, every globe I had the pleasure to gaze upon, turn, and run my hand over (why was I so compelled to run my hand over them?) was exquisite."  More ...

From Dreams Of Globes Circumnavigate My Mind By  October 3, 2012