Meredith Owen


I work predominantly with watercolour and fine liner ink pens, creating paintings and illustrations.

I find myself fascinated by the details and intricacies within my day-to-day surroundings. The small, bizarre, and intriguing subjects that influence my compositions are combined with concepts that play a vital roll in viewing art: One concept in particular that influences my work relates to a theory know as 'the suspension of disbelief' - that which draws a viewer into an image because it is not as it appears upon first glance, this is achieved by unusual compositions and subject matter. 

 I also have a long drawn attraction and interest in nature, animals in particular and their existence in this world. I find the way we manage nature, how we view natures roll in ‘our’ world fascinating. We seem to battle against the ‘wild side’ but also use information that creatures and the environment provide for our own benefits. I find observing humans with and against nature such a fascinating subject and hugely influential in my thought process and my work.